Do you think you can lead anyone?

Forget it.

The more working life is characterized by tasks with high autonomy, the more the leader must focus on good organization and individual facilitation. It is always about getting the best out of each highly capable worker.

But here leaders meet some challenges: In order to get the best out of each employee, you as a leader must know each of them very well and what drives them. This can vary a lot. Furthermore you have to know which limits the individual, and the self-image they have. If you meet a typical introvert person, it can be rather demanding to get close to this person’s feelings and self-perception.

Here - many leaders face the «wall» because they lack training in understanding different personalities. But according to psychologists who are specialized in working cultures it is possible to educate themselves in personality understanding.

May be this will be the new leader challenge in the near future. In some leader interviews I recently did, I got insight into some experiences leaders had made after many years of trial and error - experiences which worked. I will tell you a bit about these later.