Servant leadership

It is modern to speak about servant leadership. But what does it take? Well, you must be able to prepare a good working structure which gives predictability; organising resources which tells what to do, how and by whom. In addition you must have insight into what drives each of those around you - their advantages and personal resources, challenges and problems. Last but not least you must have a mission and a strategy that works according to every day challenges. 

Is it possible for you to be good at this - and how can you manage? This is what you have to train on every day, because you will never find a finished recipe on how to cope with various contexts. But by getting more insight into different personalities you can vastly improve your leadership step by step.

In the short course (appr 60 minutes) I offer (watch the video), you will learn how to lead various knowledge workers with different problems and expectations. It will give you the basics you need to be the leader you want. The price is only $98. Use my contact data.

Good leadership - and what it takes to lead knowledge workers